Double Deflection Grille

The LinkedAir Double deflection grilles are are designed for supply air, return air and exhaust air applications. It equips two rows fully adjustable blades. Those adjustable blades are designed aerodynamically to minimise the air side pressure loss and give directional control of air pattern. They can be installed in exposed duct, sidewall or ceiling applications.
Air flow regulating dampers (Opposite Blade Damper or Stream Splitter) can be installed if needed.
The linear bar grilles can be manufactured up to 3 meters in length as a single piece, multiple pieces can be produced in excess of 3 meters. multiple pieces can be produced in excess of 3 meters. 
The LinkedAir Double Deflection Grilles are made out of aluminium profiles and the standard flange is 18mm, others are available on request with the Architect’s demands.
The standard grilles are powder coated in White, while other finishes can be powder coated in accordance with the customers’ specifications.
Q-DDG-FMaterialFlange (mm)Height (mm)Colour
Opitional /18mm/30mm40mm/55mmSpecial Colour