Neck Adaptor (Square to Round)

ModelNeck Size (mm)Spigot Size (mm)
QSM-NASR-45150450x450Ø 150
QSM-NASR-45200450x450Ø 200
QSM-NASR-45250450x450Ø 250
QSM-NASR-45300450x450Ø 300
QSM-NASR-45350450x450Ø 350
QSM-NASR-45400450x450Ø 400
QSM-NASR-45450450x450Ø 450
The LinkedAir neck adaptor (Square to Round) is made out of galvanised steel and used for the connection of round duct. Black paint internally. 
These are commonly used with our QVE Ceiling Diffusers range.
Custom sizes are available upon request.