Eggcrate Grille - Fixed Core

The LinkedAir Eggcrate Grilles are designed to used in exhaust air or return air applications. The eggcrate core is press-formed from aluminium sheets with a thickness of 0.6mm. They are placed with a spacing of 12.5mm. 
The Eggcrate Grilles can be manufactured up to 3 meters in length by 3 meters in height as a single piece, multiple modules can be produced with lengths in excess of 3 meters.
The LinkedAir Eggcrate Grilles are made out of  extruded with aluminium profiles. The flange of the outer frame is 26mm. Others are available on request with Architect’s demands.
The standard grilles are in White, while other finishes can be powder coated in accordance with the customers’ specifications. 
Q-ECG-FMaterialFlange (mm)Height (mm)Colour
Opitional /20mm/Special Colour